Addiction: a very smart killer

Young and fun kills faster with frenetic vitality and awry sense of ridiculousness to balance everyone’s heartache with laughter long enough to have a victim.Tobacco and Alcohol are such smart killers. Anonymous I’ll never forget the pains lurking deep in Chinedu’s eyes the day before he was referred to a specialist, whom he was toldContinue reading “Addiction: a very smart killer”

20 things to do when you are bored to the bone

The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity. – Ellen Parr Did I tell you I tested positive to COVID 19? Ooh yes! I did test positive, and went on quarantine for two weeks. It was like hell, but guess what? At the end, it turned out rewarding because I discovered 20Continue reading “20 things to do when you are bored to the bone”

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