28 New Arabic Words

Essential Arabic words for health workers

Volume III

Welcome back!

Nice to have you here again. Here is a list of extra 28 words I thought you should also add to your vocabulary this weekend. Some of the words are not really medical terms but they are words commonly used by native speakers when they visit the hospital. Maybe they want to check their blood sugar, requesting for sick-leave or complaint of snake bite. So it’s good you become familiar with the common words, so you can enjoy the conversation more.

Arabic – English words

Ijaza maradiya – sick-leave 

Ijaza sanawiya- annual vacation/leave

Giz – check 

Shuf – to see

tadmid aljarh/Gowal – wound dressing 

Ikhthibar- skin test 

Bukar – nebulisation 

Hammam- bathroom 

Ayada- clinic 

Kurooj- discharge 

ilaje- medication/ prescription 

Kammam- facemask

Mandil- kerchief 

Mot – dead 

Akhsai-  specialist 

Khalas – finish 

Shukra- thank you

Kois/ hasan – Ok/ fine 

Ma alSalaama – goodbye/ be safe 

Mushtashfa – hospital 

Thoban – snake 

Aqrab- scorpion 

Milaf- file 

Mogazi- intravenous fluid 

Efraz- body discharge

Laysa baed- not yet 

Waraqat Mandil – tissue paper 

Bagi/ almutabagiya – remaining

That is all for now, I hope to see you again next week. Please do enjoy your weekend and stay safe.

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6 thoughts on “28 New Arabic Words

    1. Ooh! Am glad you identified one word that is different from what you are used to. Am not sure about Harnish but will ask a native speaker. Arabic can vary depending on region. Here we use more of thueban

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