Additional 50 Arabic Words

Essential Arabic words for Health Care Workers

Volume II

ahlaan bik!

! أهلا بك

I see you are interested in improving your Arabic vocabulary. Like me, I made a decision to improve on my Arabic vocabulary by at least 3000 words in the next three months, with little or no effort. Here are some of the ways am catching up.

1. While you discuss with your patients and co-workers try to use Arabic as much as possible without thinking how odd you sound

2. Try to engage native speakers and note the common words that are difficult for you to say. Eg. I/He/she – anaa/huwa/hiya

3. What do native speakers say that usually raises your curiosity, especially while greeting. Eg. alsalam ealaykum/ peace be upon you and another one you will hear is rahmat alla w brkath/ kindness of God be with you.

4. Have a note handy and write down new words to ask about later.

Permit me to start the words by placing the Arabic words first as I have noticed it helps the words to stick, especially if you have heard the word before.

Let’s begin – Hayaa nabda

Hadit – accident/RTA

Qiatal – fight

Tahalil- lab investigation 

Siyoola- clotting profile 

Hamoodha- VBG 

Mukhtabar – laboratory 

Al-tashkis – diagnosis 

Sonar – Ultrasound 

Ishaa muktayar – ct scan

Ishaa – X-ray 

Thaktit- ecg 

Dawra – menses

Hamel- pregnant 

Welada – delivery 

Bint- girl 

Walad- boy

Soj- husband 

Nazif – bleeding 

Alam/waja dawra – dysmenorrhea 

Dawra sharhriya- monthly period 

Inaya murakaza – ICU 

Ambre bataniya – Medical ward 

Ambre jaraha- surgical ward 

Sideliya- Pharmacy


Muragaba/mulahaza – observation

Azil- isolation 

Yati/ejii – coming 

Yamlak- have 

Mushgul – busy 

Qalm- pen


Ntidr – wait 

Truqie – signature 

yueTiihi/yuetaa – give

Jib- bring

Tabib- Doctor 

Mumarid – male nurse 

Mumarida- female nurse 

Daqiqa – a minute 

Sirir – bed 

Min fadlik- Please 

Natija tahalil – lab result 

Arabia / krusi mutahrik – wheel chair 

Intihab Marara- cholecystitis 

Marara – gall bladder

Hassua- stone 

Hassua fii marara- gall bladder stone 

Asasia- allergy 

Haka – itching 

Asif/malish – sorry 

Tanwim/ targid – admission 

Shukraan – thank you

This is the end of the Arabic words listing now, I hope to see you again as publish more words in the journey to learn Arabic. Subscribe and follow my blog to enable me to write more and to notify you as soon as I publish more interesting content.

See you next time.

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