If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his own language, that goes to his heart.

– Anonymous
Health workers Arabic vocabulary development

Arabic language is spoken by nearly half a billion people and is the official language of Saudi Arabia. It is widely used in cities, mosques, hospitals and restaurants all Arabic countries.

While it contains a richness and depth that is difficult and intimidating to learners, anyone interested can follow my publications to learn how I was able to speak, read and write within few months.

This publication is basically for health workers. It contains 50 essential words for every day practice in health care setting. Health worker who are newly employed in Arabic speaking counties will find it very useful to efficiently practice medicine, with no need for a translator. 

Now, to do well in learning Arabic try to go through these words over and over before your consultation starts. Try to learn at least 20 new words everyday. Here I have the first 50 listed in two parts.

Arabic words

Arabic words – English words

alsalam ealaykum – peace be upon you

Wa Alykm salam (response) – peace be with you also 

ahlaan bik – welcome

kayf halakum – how are you

Esh Esmak – what is your name 

esh mushkila/ Ma almushkila – what is the complaint 

Ketma- shortness of breath 

Waja/alam – pain

Bard – cold 

iishaal – diarrhea

Marid- patient 

Jarha- wound 

Kam umr – how old are you 

Dakt – blood pressure 

Mukhat- cataarh/ nasal discharge 

Atz- sneezing

iltihab- infection/inflammation 

Waram- tumor/swelling  

harara – fever 

sudae/ waja alraas – headache

Batn- abdomen 

Qalb- heart 

Killa- kidney

alam batan/ wajae batan – abdominal pain

alam sadar – chest pain

Arabic words – English words

Healthcare worker’s Arabic language

hargan al bowl – Burning micturition 

istafra- Vomiting

albaraz- Stooling

gathayan – Nausea

Waja halg – sore throat 

Taban – tired

Dam – blood

Faqra dam – anemia

Bwl- urine 

Buraz- stool 

Hubub- tablet 

Ibra- injection 

Mahloot- Mixtard insulin 

Safi- regular insulin 

Thahamil – suppository 

Thakhta lisan – sublingual 

Mia- water

Gastara- catheterisation ( cardiac, urethral) 

Dawa – medication 

Som – fasting 

Allmat hywia- vital sign

Kasr- fracture/broken 

Weight  – wazn 

Ajls- sit down 

Yafhm – stand 

I hope these 50 Arabic words has added to your Arabic vocabulary at the moment. Do subscribe below so I can notify you when more interesting contents are published.

See you next time!

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